Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mini Vacation

I just got back yesterday from spending some time with my cousin, Denise and help celebrate her 30th birthday. I arrived early on Friday and hung out with her and met the neighborhood "kids" and her newest addition, Jasmine. Kicked some ass in Scrabble which is always a good thing. Denise had also bought a butter sculpture in tribute to the NYS Fair that we both missed this year.
Saturday was beach day and boy did I pay for it. We spent most of the time sitting at a beach bar and listening to the band and people watching.
Sunday was family day. Denise and I went to her parents where we hung out with them, our Uncle Gerry, cousins Mollie, Christina and Destiny. We also ate the BEST ribs on the planet.....thank you Uncle Ricky!
Monday was Downtown Disney and basically just get out of the apartment. It was a laid back day.
Tuesday was Epcot...lots of food and beer for me...We did a lot of walking and my dogs were certainly barking at the end of the day. My mom had requested that I have a German beer and a French dessert for her birthday and I obliged.
Wednesday was my return home and I definitely had a much harder time coming home than I usually do.

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