Monday, October 31, 2005


I'm sitting here watching the news and all the talk is about Bush's new nominee. What the heck is wrong with this country? Who gives the right for anyone to have any sort of control over any other's body? I'm mostly speaking about the right of abortion. Yes, let's bring out the guns. Now everyone has the right to their own opinion and mine is this: No one, especially men, should have any control of what a woman does with her body. If a woman is pregnant and chooses to abort the fetus, that's her choice. Personally, if I was pregnant, I wouldn't give the baby up unless it was going to kill me or the baby would not be born alive. I would not abort it just to abort it. I understand that some people feel that the right to abortion is a form of birth control. Even though there are much easier ways of birth control, that is still a woman's choice...and no one should be able to tell a woman how to take care of herself or her unborn child. Especially a court. I could never understand how it could be considered unconstitutional and that the Supreme Court had to make the Roe vs Wade decision so long ago in the first place and now it's threatened all because of Bush. Bush, a boy who decides to go after a man who threatened his father. Bush, a boy, who I believe never ran this country, only followed what Daddy wanted and what he couldn't accomplish in his only term as presidency. I do not understand how people could have voted for Bush not just once but twice. Now we have this boy threatening to take away the rights of humans. Maybe I should have moved out of the country when Bush became president so many years ago.


Halloween is always different to everybody. I've decided to take some time to reflect on my previous Halloweens. I have memories of singing the Halloween song in Miss Reynold's music class in elementary school. Can't forget the dressing up. Several years, I've been a witch. I know hard to believe, Jen a witch. My parents still have pictures of me dressed up being a miserable angry witch. I'll never forget dressing up as the Syracuse University Mascot. Most people thought I was a pumpkin. Then, of course, going out with Michelle-her a broken heart, me a Syracuse fan. I still have that picture somewhere. Don't ask how old we were!
And of course the restrictions of where we could go to in the neighborhood-"don't go past Erin's house and don't go past Stevenson's." And the treats that were handed out. Mostly the favorites-Snickers and other forms of chocolate. My mother was known for making the little bags of popcorn to hand out. Also remember the neighbors who handed out the little boxes of crayons or other non-food treats.
Can't wait for tomorrow-Halloween candy at least 50% off-need some of the candy store in my office!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Football in new home

What a fun Sunday watching football in my new home. Of course, it will be nicer come cable which arrives next week. Woo Hoo, Jen's finally moving up in the world-CABLE!!!!
Finally met Scott's former roommate, Paul-pretty nice guy. Also got to hang out with Matt of the Matt and Lois. Enjoyable day watching football especially since as of right now, my team is winning! Of course it would be nice if I could actually win a fantasy football match-up but I'm just due to lose. At least I'm having fun.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Moving Day Part II

Well, after the movers came 5 hours late (things just never go right when you're trying to move do ther?), I'm here! Home Sweet Home! Just me, Scott, and the Royal Family. The movers are finishing up as I type this. Amazing how even after I've gotten rid of about 50 bags of garbage and recycling, I still have so much crap! Well, here's to my new home and my new committed life!

Moving Day

Well, it's here...moving day and I'm up and it's early. Didn't get much sleep either last night. It's kinda hard when you hear the voice of God skateboarding outside your broken window. And then you have the Prince and Princess sleeping in the way of your feet. Amazingly, my anxiety level is not as high as I thought it would be. Now if I can just keep Boots from jumping up on my lap. Oh to be the Princess. It's just wonderful that she thinks that my leg needs a massage and sticks her little butt in my face. Anyway. I wonder how Scott slept as for the first time since our 2nd date, we chose to sleep apart last night. Of course there was the time when he went to Italy but I'm not counting that time. Here's to making it through the day.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Well, today's the day before the move. The anxiety continues to rise. I know that this is the right decision and I know that Scott feels the same. It's nice to know that I'm willing to be committed to someone again after a big failure. Or maybe I should just be committed? It's funny how sometimes I'll be thinking about Scott and I'll mistakenly call him my hubby or husband to myself. People at work tease me about have several previous engagements and bets are being made on how long Scott and I will last. If we have our way, it will be THE one for both of us. I am committed to Scott and our animal family and eventually our own human family. It's scary for me to actually want to have a child. I guess it's true that when you find the right person, you change. Mostly for the better. But first thing is first...the move. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the moving company will arrive on time and it will take little time to move all of my stuff. Then it will be back to the old apartment on Sunday (before football of course) to make sure that everything is gone and to turn in the keys. Then it will to home. Home...what a nice concept. Home. A place where I feel wanted, comfortable and needed. Not a place that is filled with tension like before. A place where I can sit quietly without yelling. A place where I can watch giant scary snakes being slaughtered. A place for the Queen, the Duchess, the Princess, and the Prince. And of course the human court jesters. Can never forget the court jesters!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ollie's view of Love for Today

Wanting to greet your loved one with a big hug and kiss
Telling them that you love them now and forever, no matter what happens
Agreeing to work out details no matter how big or small
Looking out the bus window remembering the first trip on the bus, knowing that this is one of the last
Reminiscing the first time you saw the picture and profile, knowing that there was something special
Knowing that deep in your heart, that you are making the right decision no matter how high the anxiety level is
Looking forward to the morning emails, and the text messages throughout the day
Actually agreeing to have child after 15 years of stating that you wouldn't
Knowing that even if your first ends up miserable, this one will last until death do you part
Accepting the differences and cherishing the learning based on those differences
Loving the similarities
Actually wanting to cook and more than once a year
Looking forward to baking again
Knowing that even though the teasing can be harsh, it is simply teasing
Cherishing the wet look that you get to see everyday
The sly and sheepish grin, just for you
The brown eyes that you can't seem to get enough of
The feel of skin to skin, no matter how cold you are

And so I've joined

Well, I've decided to join the Blog world after doing some post's on my boyfriend, Scott's blog page. I'll basically be using this page to share my thoughts, feelings, and whatever else I need to discuss. I welcome healthy debate as long as the debators understand that everyone has a right to their opinion. I hope that you enjoy what I have to say and if you don't, you react in a positive manner.

Now on to what's pending in my life....
I'm moving....yet again. This time, I'm doing something rather different. I'm moving in with someone, where my name will not be on the lease. Crazy? Could be. Anxiety level skyrocketing? You betcha ya. All of the other times I've moved in NYC, I've either moved into my own place or had my name shared on the lease with someone. Now you ask, who are you moving in with. Well, that's rather boyfriend. Some would still say it's crazy given our short history at this time. But when something feels right, it feels right.
So the big moving day is this Saturday. Luckily, I have a moving company so I'm not forced to carry 1700+ books up and down flights of stairs. Yes, that's 1700+ books (all just waiting for me to pick them up and read their every word). I'm a book nut. Hi, My name is Jen and I'm a bookaholic. I am a book reviewer for MyShelf and have been there for the last few years reviewing all types of books. I also am the First Reader list for Harper Publishers.
Well, that's about all for this wonderful cold Thursday (it is Thursday right) morning. Now off to work!