Monday, January 03, 2011


Well, it is now 2011. Where the heck did 2010 go? Last year brought me a lot of changes. Joey moved out. I dated a few guys until my current guy. And he is truly one of a kind. Is honest, trustworthy, generous, actually listens, considerate, etc. Truly truly one of a kind. Of course he has his flaws-who doesn't?
I started grad school. 2 classes down, only a few more left.
I haven't been crafting as much. I haven't read as much. I'm still watching movies like usual.
I've had some issues with my family-worse than usual
I've reconnected with some friends and have made some new ones.
I already am expecting some major things to happen for me in 2011. I should be graduating in August. I'll be moving probably 2 times. One is a definite move. Probably a new job.
I would like to get back to stitching and reading. I'm expecting 2011 to be an interesting year. I hope that 2011 brings you all good health, happiness and whatever you would like.

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