Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Too bad it actually had to come to an end. Even though I was ready to come home and see my cats, I'm definitely ready to go back. One of my best friends, Rob, surprised me by showing up on the boat. He brought his friend Lee who decided to play psychic and approach John and I stating that someone was looking for us. I turned and there was Rob. Talk about surprise!
My favorite day was the day spent on Cozumel. John and I didn't have anything planned and we just went to a private beach, went snorkeling, and had the BEST Mexican food. Saw a huge Manta Ray while snorkeling-was extremely beautiful. It was so relaxing.
Second favorite day was the day spent on Roatan (Honduras). John collects fish for his job and we got a driver for the day who took us to the other end of the island where we got a fisherman to take us out on his dingy boat. We went through some Mangroves and through some lagoons collecting fish. The men were extremely nice to us Crazy Americans.
Next favorite was Grand Cayman. We were docked so early there, so early that the shops weren't even open when we arrived. We had originally planned on doing a 3 stop snorkeling trip but when we realized that we would have about 15 minutes to get back to the boat, we scratched that plan and got on another 2 stop snorkeling trip. We went to Stingray City where I was disappointed. There weren't many stingrays there. The guys on the boat stated that it was because it was early in the morning. We then were taken to a reef for snorkeling. When I was in Hawaii in 1989, I FREAKED out when my family went snorkeling. So I was determined not to freak, not to think about Jaws coming after me, etc. The fish in the area were beautiful and I kept wondering what it looked like 10-15 years ago before humans were taking the brain coral, etc. We then went back to do some shopping of rum for people and back on the boat to get all dolled up for the elegant night of the cruise. BTW....I HATE dressing up. But I did get a good picture of John and I dressed up for my desk.
Belize was different. We rented a car to go collecting fresh water fish that John wanted to try to breed and research. We made a wrong turn and there we were faced with the police (machine guns and everything) when entering Belize City...and wouldn't you know it...the license/registration of the rental car expired in February. Luckily they let us go and off to collecting we went.
The weather was beautiful-never rained, sunny, etc. The food on the boat was hit or miss. Spent the last night on the boat having dinner in the Steakhouse with Rob, Lee, and John. That was a great way to end the trip.

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