Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day weekend vacation

I went camping this past weekend with my parents, brother and aunt and uncle from Florida. We headed out to a small mountain town called Baslam here in NC. I, of course, was the first to arrive and had to wait around for about an hour before my parents came...good thing I had a book to read. The campsite was small and the sites small for huge mobile homes like my parents. Couldn't even park a car on the site. Bad sleeping experiences-I ended up spending the last two nights in my dad's van to sleep-too much snoring both human and canine. Friday everyone arrived and we all had dinner together.
Saturday we headed to Cherokee Reservation where I was a little disappointed. I was hoping for more authentic reservation stuff but it was essentially a tourist trap. We did hang out and look through a craft co-op store and some of the others stores along the way. I bought a pair of beaded earrings to help support. We did NOT hit the Casino and we all were perfectly fine with it.
Sunday we headed to Hendersonville for their huge Apple Festival-essentially it's a huge street fair through downtown. It's good to know that my hatred of crowds is still plans for NYC anytime soon.
Monday we had no real plans except the boys took a look at my car...luckily it seems that it's only the spark plugs that's an issue. My parents and aunt and uncle were going to continue camping the rest of this week while my brother and I were headed back home and to work. So we spent the rest of the afternoon traveling to other campsites for them to stay at.
Overall it was a much needed break and despite my allergies or cold or whatever I got from there, I'm glad I went.

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