Thursday, June 10, 2010


Headaches suck. I woke up with one this morning. And silly me didn't take anything but caffeine this morning for it. Hope that I won't be suffering too bad.

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Susimac said...

Hope your headache is gone now.

I've found with my dieting that if I only eat the smallest amount of carb but a lot of protein or the other way round for a week, so I take it week about if yo know what I mean, I lose weight and also vary the type of things you eat, Did you know that melon and strawberries are speed foods and help you to digest your food quicker, also be carefuul of the hidden fats you eat, that can make a big difference as can portion size. I'm not preaching, I hope you don't think just trying to be helpful LOL! I'v e manged to lose 4 stone in a year so far, its very slow but now noticeable uaing this method