Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, my morning yesterday wasn't all that great but I survived. Then, Scott and I headed to the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium. We watched the show of Cosmic Collisions and we were both irked by some of what was said during the show. How can scientists put a time frame (i.e. an hour) for something that happened billions of years ago. I guess maybe if I was a dumb person who accepted everything as fact, it wouldn't have bothered me. But, obviously, it's still bothering me.
After that we headed to the game store where Scott didn't buy anything and then to Joy for Indian food. Despite how well it tastes, it didn't sit well with me-probably because I hadn't eaten anything yesterday since 8am. Then it was off to home where there was a block obnoxious, annoying, disrespectful block party. They had a DJ whose music...if you can call it music (songs broken up constantly by the DJ) basically vibrated things in our 4th floor apartment. Needless to say both Scott and I were bothered by this. And, of course, our NYPD did nothing about it. They basically stood at the end of the block watching people-gee, cops, why don't you arrest the people that are smoking pot (which was obvious) and tell the DJ to lower his fucking crap!
Hopefully, today will be better. I have to take Tiger to the vet and go grocery shopping. Scott's friend, Matt, is coming over to play games-it will be interesting to see how much playing time I see.

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