Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not much

Not much going on right now-just trying to prepare myself mentally for my upcoming vacation. I'm "dragging" Scott to meet some more members of my family in Florida. Of course, it helps that Denise is celebrating her birthday and our cousin, Mollie is having a wedding party the following day so it's a good excuse to go try to enjoy the Florida sunshine.
As for work, it's there. Nothing new to report other than the sexual harassment-you know who you are!
Crafts are slowing getting done. I've been making steady progress on the Christmas gifts for my family-hopefully will be done in a couple of weeks for the one for my mother.
My reading has been picking up slowly-check out my book blog to see what I've been reading (look at my sidebar).
I've been watching lots of movies and exercising a lot-look at my movie blog to see what I've been watching (look at my sidebar).
I haven't been writing anything lately and need to continue to post my old poems and stories-maybe I'll do that when I get home.
Royal family continues to be cute-really need to post some pictures.
Scott continues to be wonderful-or at least is trying to-gotta give credit where credit is due.

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Denise said...

DRAGGING??? he's not giddy with excitement to meet our clan??? what's up w/ that????? See if I show HIM a good time.. mr don't wanna be here. (hehe) Miss ya and I can't wait to see ya!!!