Thursday, October 26, 2006

This week's Adopt a Pet

This sweetie is Jude and he's a Domestic Short Hair Mix

Size: Small
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
ID: A020590

Notes: Jude is a wonderfully handsome five year old black and white. Take one look into this guy’s alert, inquisitive eyes and you know right away this is a special cat. His bright eyes speak to an unusual awareness and intelligence, and tell you that this cat would be a wonderful companion. Jude is a very friendly guy and he loves being let out of his cage for a stroll around the cat room and a little bit of adoration from his human friends. Afterwards, is just as happy to plop right down in the middle of the room and observe all the comings and goings. Jude loves to hunt and chase cat dancers and fishing rod toys with feathers. Sometimes, Jude will need a break from play when he's had enough. Give him a moment to be alone with his thoughts and observations, and Jude will be more than happy for more petting and stroking. Jude is a large boy, but it just means there’s more of this big handsome mush of a cat to love. He responds to clicking tongue sounds and his foster mother reports that he loves to sleep right next to her on her pillow. In fact, she says that Jude paw massages her in the morning. "He is truly a wonderful cat and it has been an absolute pleasure to have him in my home." Note: Jude has had some issues with constipation in the past. Therefore, he is on a prescription high fiber diet. He should remain on this diet for life, but the food can easily be bought in vet’s offices and specialty pet stores. Jude is such a wonderful boy and will make a great friend, Come by and meet him soon.
He's available at the ASPCA.

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