Thursday, October 12, 2006

This Week's Adopt a Pet

This adorable cat is Lady Gray and she's a Siberian

Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
ID: A021155

Notes: Notes from Lady Grey's foster parent: Lady Gray is a true treasure. She will greet you at the door every night when you arrive home with meows and purrs. This loving cat is so well behaved, rarely does she jump onto the furniture and she always uses her litter box. She is happy laying by your feet and will become your velcro cat! Make sure to give her her own special toys as she LOVES to play. She is quite active when she is playing and is amused by the simplest of things. She will carry her toys around in her mouth. She also likes to have her own scratching post. She wants very much to have a loving forever home. She needs someone who will be patient because she may be shy at first and doesn't always like to be picked up. But once you give her her first scratch on her head she will be hooked on you! She has so much love and trust to give. MEDICAL NOTE: Lady Grey has intermittent soft stool in the kennel. Multiple tests did not reveal a cause. She was sent to a foster home in which she exhibited normal stool consistency, thus it is likely the intermittent stool is due to stress. She is on a special diet. In addition, she has a gallop rhythm which was evaluated by a cardiologist. She has a slightly dilated left atrium and ventricle, however no meds are indicated. Progression is unknown and a repeat echo should be performed 11/06. Lady Grey also has inflammed gingiva. A biopsy revealed stomatitis which is a condition that may require frequent dentals and intermittent antibiotics. Please see the adoptions veterinarian if you are interested in adopting this special cat.
She's available at the ASPCA.

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