Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm baaaack

Wow. What a great relaxing weekend with Scott. This weekend was one of my best and a lot of quality time was spent with Scott. Thursday we made it up to CT and had dinner out with his father. We dropped him off at his house and then headed over to his mom's. We chatted a bit and then went to bed.
Friday, we loungily got up and went to visit his sister and her family. Scott's nephew, Ben is now walking and looking as cute as ever. At one point, when Scott had left the room, Ben walked over to me and started wrestling with me on the couch. It was fun. It was also fun watching Ben close his toy house's door and window on Scott. Much better seeing Ben play with Scott instead of him crying at the sight of Scott. Friday night we went back to his mother's and played some games. His mother kept asking for clarification and then winning the games. I don't think that she really needed the clarification-I think that was her way of throwing us off! :-)
Saturday we headed up to Amherst and met up with Scott's friends Jamie and Veronica and their boys for a quick visit before we headed off to a jewelry store and dinner. Unfortunately, when we got to Silverscape Designs in Amherst, it was closing in 5 minutes so we took a quick look around and then headed to dinner. Scott wanted a somewhat romantic dinner atmosphere and the original place that he had wanted was closed and then the next one was busy so we headed to the Amherst Brewing Company for some good food. Then it was back to the hotel. ;-)
Sunday was an all day game affair with Jamie and Veronica. We had some good times and some great food. Unfortunately, Scott really liked one of the games and I killed it soon after the second round started. Little did we realize at the time that I actually won. We thought that Jamie won and he was so happy about that win so hopefully Jamie won't see this. If so, sorry Jamie.
Monday we headed out to Silverscape Designs where Scott bought me a beautiful blue topaz ring which I picked out. It's so pretty. We then headed up to the Bookmill where this time, I bought the larger amount of books. Then we headed back to his father's and then for home. This trip confimed the fact that I need to get out of the City sooner than later. It's amazing to me how I can just feel the stress build up the sooner that we got to the City.
So today, it's another day of relaxing.

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