Thursday, September 21, 2006

Adopt a Pet for the week

This is Artichoke and he's a collie mix. There are more pictures of him available through the ASPCA

Size: Medium
Age: Baby
Gender: Male
ID: A022254

Notes: Despite his deafness, Artichoke is an active young dog who doesn't let his challenges hold him back. He can be very mouthy when he is handled or when he is playing and he is looking for an adopter willing to train him to play with toys and not human hands. Artichoke treated the toddler doll like a toy and engaged in rough play with it. Because of his mouthiness and his high energy level, Artichoke belongs in a household with ages 10 and up. Artichoke was wary of the strange person and moved away with tail tucked, but approached and became friendly as soon as the large hat was laid on the ground. He was unfazed by the threatening people. He is playful with dogs but has a very rough and rude style of play that some dogs may not like. Medical Note: Artichoke appears deaf or severely hearing impaired. He is very friendly and is learning to respond to hand signals. Ages 10 and up

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Lucy said...

What a sweetie pie...I love the name and so cute!!!!