Tuesday, September 05, 2006

State Fair Review

So the State Fair.....We left without incident Friday morning-arrived in Syracuse on time and went straight to the Fair with my aunt. The weather was great-no rain, sunny skies, nice temps. We went through the main buildings. We also spent way too much time at the lottery booth-playing games, etc. Scott won the first game-6 lottery tickets. He won $5 on those, cashed those in for tickets and won another $5 dollars. Those he didn't win anything. So a little beginner's luck isn't bad.
We stayed about 8 hours and then headed back to my aunt's house. Crashed and then got up early to hit breakfast at the Fair. We were also visited by Ernesto....all day long. The good thing is that there was pretty much no one there-46,000 came to the Fair that day. Normally it's near 80,000-100,000. Since my aunt and uncle were going back to the buildings that we had covered the previous night, I took Scott to the other side of the Fair (Indian village, and animal buildings). I managed to make it through the bunnies without crying. Of course, my allergies didn't want to cooperate. We went to a food demo where both of us won door prizes. The rest of the day was low-key thanks to us being tired and the rain. After 11 hours, we headed back to my aunt's where her and I went played Scrabble.
Sunday, we went to my aunt's and uncle's camp and met up with my family for a little cookout. The weather didn't cooperate again but we still had a good visit. My father is turning more and more into a sap, especially when we say goodbye. I love my dad and fully appreciate his love. It's just kind of funny when I overhear him tell Scott to continue to take care of his little girl, especially when he hasn't told anyone else that in my past. So we all left the camp and went back to Syracuse where my aunt, Scott and I played Scrabble.
I had known that Andre's Saturday match had been postponed and was played on Sunday but didn't have a chance to watch what would be his final match. So my uncle was keeping an eye out for the score. So that's how I found out that Andre Agassi's professional career was over-a 4-set lost to Benjamin Becker who then got ousted by Andy Roddick.
So Monday we headed out to breakfast and then the train, which was an hour late. By the time we got back to the City, the idea of dealing with the people on the subway just didn't sound appealing, we hailed a cab and returned home to the kids.
So now, Scott's getting ready to go back to work and I get to relax since I took today off. Plans for the day might include a trip to Weight Watchers to see how much damage was done and some quality time with the kids.

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