Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weight Watchers

I haven't spoken about my weight loss journey in a while. So far, I've lost 4.4 pounds and I'm happy about that. Just about 28 more to go to my goal weight and I feel confident that I can do it. I certainly feel like I have more support going about it this time around. Scott's encouraging me more. Denise has always been there...the crackhead that she is. People at work are conscientious about my trying and ask the supportive questions, along with providing healthy lunches for our lunch clubs. I've been making progress on working out more days than not. You can check out my movie blog to see what exercise dvds/tapes I've been doing if you're interested.
I've signed up for the monthly pass which includes using the e-tools on the website which includes going on the forum boards where I've finally found some support in a couple of threads. I've been journaling pretty much everyday and been relatively within my points limit.
So, overall, I've been keeping my goal of looking good for a certain occasion whenever it does happen and just being overall healthier for myself. Hopefully, this will extend to Scott as he isn't 100% satisfied with himself (even though he looks fine to me) and sometimes wants to do something about it.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! Keep it up!