Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ferry Commute from Hell

Now, I should have expected that ALL forms of mass transportation in New York City would have problems. But I was hoping that the ferry would be one of the few that wouldn't. And so far, it hadn't had any problems...until this morning. First, the main ferry that I take was cancelled...and they made the cancellation announcement right as the previous ferry was pulling out. So I had to wait an extra 15 minutes-which is fine since I always try to go early anyway. But as we're pulling out-some guy starts going on about God and love. Then some people were talking back to him. Then the announcement..."NYPD on the NJ side on the saloon deck." What wonderful fun. Then the rest of the trip went smoothly until we go to land-no one was there to operate the bridge-so all I'm thinking is great-another accident like a few years ago-luckily someone came running to take care of the bridge part but it was kinda hellish this morning.

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