Saturday, September 16, 2006

Much needed Me time

I had originally planned on helping Scott's friend, Morgan, out by playtesting some of his games today but I decided that it was more important for me to take some Jen time-something that I don't always do. So after getting groceries (almost everything on sale), I headed out to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for some R & R. I brought my book and sat down in a couple of different spots and read a few chapters. There were a lot of people in the Gardens and one lucky couple was married today and having their reception there. I picked up some plants to replace others that decided that living with Scott and I wasn't good enough for them. While walking around, I did some reflection of myself and in most areas, I'm satisfied or even dare to say happy about where I'm at.
So now, I'm with the royal family to further relax until Scott gets home from gaming.


Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly!! I've never been to the Brooklyn BG but have been to the one in the Bronx! I miss NY fauna. Sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Lucy said...

Sounds like such a relaxing time! Anything that includes reading book is my kind of relaxing.