Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NFL Countdown

Well, last night was the last draft for fantasy football. Scott and I are in 3 leagues along with a couple of pick 'em and survival football leagues. Last year I had gotten reaquainted with football after taking a small hiatus due to issues with Jeremy and finances. Scott and I were in a league last year and I took last place. Hopefully this year I'll do better in one of the 3.
So tomorrow begins the NFL season-Miami vs. Pittsburgh. Now as a Miami Dolphin fan, I'll be routing for Miami but I also try to be realistic while watching my team. They have a chance tomorrow night considering that Big Ben-you know the idiot who decided to not wear a helmet while riding his motorcycle-is not playing. So to that I say good luck to Lucy and Go Dolphins!

1 comment:

Lucy said...

You're lucky I like you!!!! I'm cheering for the Steelers and I hope they win, but without Ben "Toothless-berger" I just don't know! My personal fav is Hines Ward though! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!