Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I haven't really been wanting to post lately. Nothing wrong with life other than both Scott and I have been under the weather. I did beat Scott in our fantasy football match-up so I was happy about that this morning when I woke up.
Work is work. I think that some are realizing things that they weren't 100% aware of before. Which is fine.
Between Scott and I, we had tag team action with Zeit and Tiger to the vet.
My dad's retiring after 35 years at his job. So I'm kinda mixed with feelings. I'm happy for him but it feels strange to say that my 55 year old father is retiring. It's like when you leave home and you're faced with the concept of being an adult. Just another reminder that he's getting older which means I'm getting older.
Things with Scott continue to forge ahead as planned. He continues to be stressed out at work. I continue to be Little Suzy Homemaker or Dr. Martha Crocker as my coworker calls me.


Denise said...

lovin the dr betty crocker

ollie1976 said...

It's Dr. Martha Crocker-get it right!