Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Being blindsighted

Doubts are expected but to hear what was said...To think that all of it was for nothing...Feelings of what the hell is wrong with oneself...Feelings of why again...Feelings of it not being worth it...Knowing that capability is there...Questioning if want is truly there...Needing reassurances...Hating the need for reassurances...Not knowing if coming or going


Scott said...

re: blindsided.
I'm an awareness freak. I examine and re-examine. But it's just as bad to always question as it is to never question. I guess. I dunno, I've tried it both ways and in-between and there's no perfection in it.

ollie1976 said...

My main concern is that we lose the sight of communication. I don't want to lose another relationship due to lack of communication.

Scott said...

Won't happen.
You didn't hear about this latest stuff because it's internal and doesn't really affect the relationship. If it became important, you'd hear about it.
Feel better, OK?