Monday, January 30, 2006


Eh. Blah. That's how I'm feeling. I'm sitting in my office hoping that my migraine goes away. Too bad that my office suite was about 100 degrees when I came in today and I have no AC-just this annoying fan. Last night, I had a rather fun (note sarcasm) coughing fit thanks to the dust of the cat litter. I was probably coughing for over an hour and my chest is still hurting this morning. I actually thought that I should have taken a trip to the ER since I was having trouble breathing in the process. But finally it subsided and I tried to sleep. Keyword: tried. I tossed and turned due to it being so hot and trying not to kick Suzie who decided to lie at my feet. Then Scott came to bed and he radiates so much heat-most of the time it's welcomed but not last night/this morning. I ended sleeping on the cramped love seat where it was cooler but never really went back to sleep. So I'm tired, have a migraine and chest pain. Wonderful. So Eh. And Blah to Monday.

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