Monday, January 30, 2006

Things I like right now

Dark chocolate peanut M & M's
The fact that I'm leaving my current position in 29 days
The nights that I can actually sleep throug the night
The nights when I can stay in the bed
Clay Aiken
Mr. Mush when he isn't scratching up my back (ow)
Being able to breathe
not having a coughing fit
When ghosts lie in hiding
The fact that Scott has finally written something on his blog
Denise is in luv (damn girly girl)
When Scott tells me out of the blue that he loves me
When I'm cold enough to want Scott's warmth
Zeit paying attention to me even if it's only because she wants cheese
When Suzie lies on my chest
Boots giving me her belly
The fact that Jul has outlasted everyone
Nice sunny days in the 60's like today
ACS getting scrutinized

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