Friday, August 04, 2006


Imagine you're on an deserted island.....with all of your exes-ones that you kissed in grade school, to puppy love boyfriend/girlfriend relationships in junior high, to high school sweethearts, to college loves and beyond. The ones that you simply kissed, to one night stands, to long lasting relationships. Who would survive? Who would you try to make sure was taken care of? Remember this is only for exes-not current relationships.
Now also think back-who would you like to erase from your history? Who would you be willing to try to make things work? Did you learn anything from your relationships? Take a moment and think about it.
-courtesy of my coworker and our lunch conversation

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Denise said...

Seeing as how they're exes for a reason and it didn't work or ever happen for a reason, I don't really think there would be an issue of survival. I would make sure I was taken care of because in most of those relationships, I wasn't the one being taken care of. I'd do EVERYTHING in my power to get the hell off that island as quick as possible. I wouldn't erase anyone from my history nor would I, if posed in that situation, try to make it work with any of them. I learned a lot from my past relationships and would like to keep it in the past so I can continue to move forward.