Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's here...almost. One more work day and we're off. What's crazy is all the traveling I have to do today. I should be able to survive and be fine. I have a couple of hopes for this vacation. One I'm not going to name but I'm sure that Scott knows what it is. Two, I hope that we both get to relax and leave our jobs at our jobs. Scott's been getting more stressed as the school year nears so I hope that he'll take advantage of being out of the City and relax. I have a slight advantage in that catagory-since I'm not dealing directly with the kids, I won't be thinking about them. So it will be easier for me to relax. Three, I hope that we have some fun. I'm sure that will happen as we've basically agreed on what we're going to do-nothing scheduled-but basic ideas to work on. So everyone enjoy and behave while I'm away!

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