Thursday, August 10, 2006

Politics and terrorism

Well, after what happened today in England, I felt the need to post something on the political front. I try my damnest not to get involved in politics because basically, I can't stand our president. I didn't vote for him. Luckily, for the citizens of the world, the latest air threat to US was thwarted. I feel that if we did not have who we have as running the "world" we, the US, would be slightly better off. I am not surprised when I hear/read anti-US statements. If I was a citizen of another country, I would feel the same way. As a citizen, I do feel some of the same things that I've read or heard. Under no circumstance should the United States EVER run the "world." We should NOT be policing the world-that's up the leaders-why else would be have the United Nations? If my opinion or advice ever counted, I would love to tell Bush to get our troops out of places where they don't belong. Concentrate on the citizens of the US-like the people near New Orleans whose homes are still destroyed and have had no relief since Hurricane Katrina. Don't butt into Israel relational problems with the countries that surround them-not just the latest issues-let Israel stand up for themselves and resolve their own problems. Okay enough soapbox talk.

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