Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Left alone

When are you going to realize that you need to move on with your life and not bother looking at mine? You have what you wanted. So why bother wasting your time at work and home to look at my life? Are you really that bored at work and home that you need to look at my life? This just shows that you can never move on. That you will always wonder if I'm behind you, sneaking in, to take what was once mine. News Flash-I don't give a shit. Just leave me alone. Don't bother wasting your time looking at my life.
But I guess that I will never be left alone because people will always be wondering what's going on with my life. Haven't been left alone for the past 8 years, why should I think that a major event would have changed that? Get a life. Move on with your life. I thought that you would have been happy that everything was done and would have moved on but obviously you can't. Plan your shitty life. Just stop looking at mine.

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