Thursday, August 31, 2006

State Fair

Tonight is packing night for the weekend. I'm bringing Scott to the New York State Fair-something that has been a big thing for me for at least half of my life. Last year was the first year that I had not gone in about 14 years. For me, it's time to spend with my aunt and walk around eating food that I shouldn't be eating. I'm looking forward to showing Scott the Fair. Last year, I don't think that he fully realized how I felt about missing it. He did have a pretty close idea since he did offer to pay for me to get up there. I just hope that Scott enjoys himself and that Ernesto doesn't totally wash it out for us. I hope that I don't gain tons of weight from eating the great food there. So hope that everyone has a great Labor Day weekend and I'll see ya when I come back.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Sounds like fun....just enjoy!!!!! (rain or shine!)