Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well, Scott and I have another busy weekend. When will the madness end? :-) Yesterday, we went and saw The Descent. My review of it is on my movie blog-wasn't a horrible horror movie-one of the better ones in my opinion. We then met up with Scott's friend, Shannon and his girlfriend, along with Oly and Kim and some other people. Shannon and his girlfriend are visiting from Japan. I spent most of the night talking with Oly, Scott, Shannon, and Kim.
This morning, I was up early..okay not early like I would be for the week but.....and headed off to my old neck of the woods-Bay Ridge, and signed back up for Weight Watchers. I felt kinda guilty about what has happened to me since I went back to my old group. A lot of the regulars were there and some look great, some look the same, and some haven't been doing too well. I then headed to the produce store and got lots of veggies and fruit for Scott and I.
Then, it was to Brooklyn Heights to meet up with the guy I was dating right before Scott-Jerome. Jerome had let me know a couple of months ago that he had gotten a rabbit and a puppy and since I had some stuff left over from when Jul passed away, I emailed him to see if he wanted it and agreed to meet up. It wasn't strange seeing him and I wasn't nervous about seeing him after a year. I thought that was rather strange. He seemed happy to see me and immediately commented about my hair.
Now, I'm home watching the Arther Ashe Kids day at the US Open, which starts tomorrow. This year's Open will be especially difficult for me to contain my emotions. This is Andre Agassi's last one and it seems, at least to a newspaper article, Scott and I will be watching him tomorrow. I have been such a big fan of Andre's since he became a professional.

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