Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Wedding

Scott and I had a fairly good time at the wedding last night. I did my usual and shed some happy tears for the couple. They looked very happy-as they always have when I've seen them. Lydia was Super Girl which everyone enjoyed, even the woman who was set up with a date with Scott long before I was in the picture. Yeah, that was interesting. Good to know that Scott's with someone much more better for him now! The ceremony was short, sweet, and fitting to them. There were a series of speeches made by family and friends-a little bit overboard but that was probably the only thing I would complain about and I'm sure that there were reasons for the speeches. Food was great. Table company was great-games were not the focus.
Of course, this had both Scott and I thinking about our own wedding when and if it comes. We did make comments to each other throughout the night. And more importantly, we did do some discussing when we got home about how we would want our wedding.
It also made me think about my first wedding to Jeremy and what we both missed out on. I hope that if Jeremy does marry Donna or someone else that he has more than what we had. Of course, we had our reasons for doing what we did and did have plans to renew our vows with a bigger ceremony. Which, obviously, never happened.

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