Saturday, August 26, 2006

To Do or Not Do

For people who have personally known me, they know that I've had a struggle with my weight since I was probably about 10. A couple of years ago, I joined Weight Watchers and lost a good amount of weight (just over 40 pounds). Due to finances and not feeling stable in my life (gotta love hating your husband while trying to lose weight) I stopped going to Weight Watchers, my gym, and I gained a lot of that weight back. I'm not to the point of where I started but I can see myself going back very quickly, especially with the New York State Fair looming. So I'm debating on rejoining. I just ordered some more exercise dvds from Collage Video-some of them are to replace my tapes and some are to add to my collection. I don't feel that I can afford going back to a gym just yet-I probably could if I didn't spend so much money on groceries and pet stuff-don't worry folks, Scott does contribute. But I still have a huge debt-definitely not as bad as it has been but maybe if I join the Y near my job, I'll be able to do something. So, to join Weight Watchers again or not, that is the question.

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